Beijing Wei Chixue Law Firm also has experienced attorneys on related legal practice of enterprises. In addition to IP-related practice, we also provide the following services:

【Ordinary business】(included in the annual counselling fee)
1. Addressing the legal problems encountered in your daily operation
2. Drafting, reviewing and amending various legal contracts and agreements
3. As legal counsellor or lawyers, preparing and sending lawyer’s letter, announcement and other legal documents
4. Providing analysis reports and opinions on management system and the IP strategy for enterprises
5. Providing legal training
6. Providing legal documents in Chinese, English and Japanese
7. Other legal services and business entrusted with us
【Special Practice】(Excluded from the annual counselling fee)
1. Other items regulated in the Standard Fee Schedule made by All-China Patent Agents Association (ACPAA) and All-China Trademark Agents Association (ACTAA)(hereinafter referred as Standard Fee Schedule):
2. Represent clients to file lawsuit, arbitration and administrative investigation and other right enforcement
3. Other services and business both parties agreed