As the Autumn is the season of harvest, we just received the good news that our attorney-at-law Sai(Jie) CHEN has been ranked in “2020 TOP 50 China’s Outstanding Intellectual Property Lawyer ”!
This ranking was jointly organized by Zhi Chan Li and IP House, two renowned media focusing on IP in China. After near half a year’s preparation, data collection and analysis, the list of the second “TOP 50 China’s Outstanding Intellectual Property Lawyer” was finally published on Sep. 3rd, 2020. By taking the database running by IP House as the data source and based on the concluded cases of 2019, the research team graded the candidates based on 8 key indicators, namely, winning rate, the law firm where he or she practices the law and the career path, the quality of the clients, typical cases, media score, the number of awards he or she received, the number of cases he or she handled, and the comments from committee composed of well-known enterprises. After rounds of sifting, our attorney-at-law Sai (Jie) CHEN stood out from nearly a thousand candidates and made her name appear in the “2020 TOP 50 China’s Outstanding Intellectual Property Lawyer” list.
Our firm has deeply rooted in the IP field, and accumulated rich experience in administrative litigation and infringement litigation, apart from patent prosecution and other IP related services. The litigation cases represented by our firm are of high winning rate, and received high compensation on average, and dozens of our cases were selected as the typical case by the Supreme People’s Court. Effusive client’s recommendations propelled us into the ranking, showing their recognition of our achievements in IP litigation field, for which we are grateful to our clients both at home and abroad. In the coming years, we will continue to stick to our philosophy of being honest and valuing the service quality as our lifeline, and dedicate ourselves to providing professional legal services!
Source: Beijing Wei Chixue Law firm
Date: Sep. 9th, 2020